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Kotobukiya Scale Figures

Kotobukiya figures are available in a variety of characters. No matter what you like, the odds are good that the Kotobukiya brand has it. Kotobukiya Japan is a well-known company that produces scale figures based on anime and characters from popular manga series. Their figurines are vibrant, life-like, and exquisitely detailed. If you’re an avid collector of Kotobukiya scale figures or scale figures in general, then Plaza Japan has everything you’re looking for.

Must-Have Manga Figurines

Take a few moments to browse through the array of Kotobukiya figures that we have within our store. We offer figurines from popular manga series, anime cartoons, and video games. You’ll find fantastic figures from My Little Pony, Arknights, Plastic Angels, and many more. These are among the many must-haves for fans and collectors of all ages.

Movie Madness

It’s easy to find Kotobukiya Japan figures from your favorite movies. We have recognizable Star Wars characters like Bounty Hunter 4, the Bounty Hunter Zuckuss, and The Mandalorian. You can even find figurines like Thomas Wayne from Batman.

Inspired By

Kotobukiya is a tongue-in-cheek brand that loves to create figurines inspired by popular franchises, such as their line of characters and figures inspired by My Little Pony. These fantastical creatures aren’t ponies, but they definitely capture the technicolor vibe of the MLP universe. Come see all the Kotobukiya figures that might tickle your fancy.

For fans and collectors all over the world, Kotobukiya figures are available at Plaza Japan. Choose from anime cartoons, manga figurines, movie genres, or characters from My Little Pony for your collection.