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RC Taken to the Next Level

ABC Hobby began in the beautiful city of Osaka, Japan, in 1968. For over 50 years, this company has remained a major worldwide name in the RC world. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or just getting started, ABC RC makes building and enhancing all your remote-controlled vehicles easy. This company produces high-quality adapters, connectors, balance cables, chargers, power cords, and more for your ABC RC hobbies. Grab RC parts from Plaza Japan and watch in amazement at the speed you reach!

Authentic Products Shipped Fast From Japan

Plaza Japan is your go-to source for all your hobbies. Whether you love RCs, plastic models, action figures, or model trains, we have authentic Japanese products shipped straight from Japan! We maintain a carefully curated collection of quality items from your favorite Japanese brands like ABC Hobby. You won’t believe the authenticity of this company’s models based on real vehicles from Mazda, Datsun, Nissan, and many others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you love all things RC or need to purchase a gift for an RC fan, it’s understandable to have questions.

Is Using or Collecting RC Cars a Fun Hobby?

Yes, definitely! With RC cars, you can build your own vehicle with a complete model kit. If you want to show off your engineering and creativity, build a model automobile from scratch with authentic RC parts.

What is Necessary to Build an RC Car?

A major part of what makes RC cars so fun is having the freedom to build whatever you like. But the basic components of a running RC vehicle are a body, wheels, a battery, a transmitter, an engine, and a receiver.

What Are the Main Types of RC Hobby Cars?

You’ll find many types of cars from ABC Hobby. Touring RC cars are low to the ground, sleek, and provide rapid acceleration. Drift RC cars take the sharpest of curves with ease. Experienced RC hobbyists love the fast top speeds of RC Formula 1 cars.

What Is the Most Popular RC Car Size?

While RC cars come in many shapes and scales, the most popular RC car sizes tend to be 1/12, 1/10, and 1/8 the size of an actual automobile.