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Looking to throw down some authentic Japanese recipes in your kitchen? Or maybe you want to take a crack at making your favorite anime characters’ foods? Whether you are a seasoned chef or a new-to-the-scene foodie, the Japanese snack shop at Plaza Japan has got you covered with all of the staple ingredients you’re going to need to whip up your favorite Japanese meals. 

Whether you’re looking to try unique, Japanese quick mixes or popular recipes like TikTok’s viral salmon bowl that features Kewpies’s famous Japanese Mayo sauce, Plaza Japan’s collection of authentic Japanese sauces, dressings, oils, spices, and more has everything you need for fun and delicious Japanese cooking. 

Shop our Japanese snack shop to load up on all the essentials!

Plaza Japan carries all the Japanese ingredient brands that you know and love: Ajinomoto, Bull-Dog, Ebara, Kewpie, Marumiya, Mizkan, Nisshin, Riken, S&B, Yamaki, and many more. Stock up on Japanese pantry staples like authentic Japanese mayo sauces, soy sauces, stir-fry sauces, curries, stocks, broths, and more that add balance and complexity to every Japanese recipe you try your hand at. 

A Japanese cook is only as good as their ingredients.

Don’t skimp out on the good stuff and invest in top-notch, authentic ingredients sourced and shipped directly from the Land of the Rising Sun. Rock the wok with superior quality, bonafide Japanese ingredients that come together to create your favorite traditional dishes and snacks. 

Check off every ingredient on your shopping list all in one place: Plaza Japan’s Japanese snack shop. Thanks to our lightning-fast, worldwide shipping, you’ll be cooking in no time!