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Plaza Japan has car scale model kits for every type of model builder – no matter what car or motorcycle you prefer. Now you can own – and build – a miniature version of the vehicle of your dreams! For example, car enthusiasts everywhere will love how plastic model kits of classic cars offer a super exciting and affordable way to build your car collection.

Race Cars and More

For the love of speed, you’ll find race cars such as the Monte-Carlo Rally Winner, the Kremer Porsche, the classic Lamborghini, and many other popular speedsters. In addition to these sleek machines, you can also find different makes and models, such as Nissan and Toyota. Plaza Japan is the place to shop for a wide variety of scale model car kits.

Two-Wheeled Speed

In addition to plastic model kits of classic cars, our collection features motorcycle and bike models for you to browse through, as well. Fulfill your need for speed as you assemble a Suzuki model decked out in blue, white, and silver. You won’t need a helmet to admire this bad boy! Or bask in luxury with a model of a Lamborghini. You’ll be surprised how many incredible motorcycle models you can find at Plaza Japan. Who needs a sports car when you’ve got a two-wheeled speed demon?

If you’re a collector of model cars, then Plaza Japan is your one-stop shop for car scale model kits in a variety of makes and models. Stock up on your favorites to keep yourself occupied and feed your hobby.