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When it comes to the savory snack game, there is no competition! Japanese cuisine is celebrated for its rich, deep, salty umami flavors — a flavor profile so unique, there’s simply nothing like it anywhere else. These snacks feature local, authentic ingredients like wasabi, edamame, Japanese chilis, soybeans, and more that can only be found in the Land of the Rising Sun. Only Japan can capture those deliciously complex flavors and infuse them into tasty, on-the-go flavor-packing snacks that you can’t put down.

At Plaza Japan, we know just how special Japanese savory snacks are — that’s why we have a whole section dedicated to just them. Japanese foodies have loved these fishy, salty snacks for years. Each brand puts their own spin on local, Japanese flavors creating unique, unexpected taste combinations that you won’t experience elsewhere! Now it’s your turn to see what all the fuss is about!

Authentic Japanese Savory Snack Brands!

What the American snack scene lacks in seafood snacks, the Japanese foodie industry is happy to make up for! Featuring unique treats like Inoue Foods Uni Soy Sauce Squid, Calbee Jagariko Cod Roe And Butter, and Hokusei Okra Snack Plum And Bonito Flavor, our selection of savory snacks showcase unexpected flavor combinations you can’t find anywhere else.

Only Plaza Japan carries authentic Japanese brands like Amanoya, Calbee, Kameda Seika, Koike-Ya, Montoile Everyones Snacks, Morinaga Ottoto, Natori, Oyatsu Company, Tohatsu, Yamazaki, and many, many more! Experience these domestic household names loved by the people of Japan for years and see what you’ve been missing.

Cure your hunger pains with Japanese savory snacks.

Whenever your “onaka ga tsuita” (or your “stomach is empty”), we have got your back. Shop more authentic Japanese foods at Plaza Japan now! With lightning-fast, worldwide shipping, you’ll be snackin’ on Japanese seafood snacks and more in no time!