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Japan has a reputation for doing the best things in miniature, and Re-Ment toy sets only reaffirm that. These tiny playsets ignite the imagination and inspire creativity, awakening the kid in everyone. Kids will love them and grown-ups will, too. Choose a set that includes your favorite characters from film, manga, or popular culture. You can also find Re-Ment miniature toys that are just for fun, like a cooking collection that's so small, it makes you want to start your own tiny cooking videos on YouTube!

Your Favorite Cast of Characters

Check out our Re-Ment toy sets that celebrate your favorite fandom. Sanrio sets feature all your favorite pals, but Hello Kitty is the star, of course. Pikachu and the gang cavort with candy and snacks that are impossibly small. You can even indulge in a retro throwback to your love for Kirby!

Teensy Play Sets

There are plenty of Re-Ment miniature toys and toy sets that adhere to different themes. You can give in to your sweet tooth or your love of breakfast with Re-Ment’s tiny meal sets. Take a ride on the adorably small Stardust Train or outfit a dollhouse with precious tiny furniture.

At Plaza Japan, you don't have to choose between Snoopy and Woodstock or a petite bakery set -- browse our extensive collection of Re-Ment toy sets and pick out your favorites today! Splurge on the tiny toy sets you love the most! Which ones do find the most irresistible?