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Trade in Your Brushes and Trays with Anest Iwata Paint Guns

Painting is one of the most meticulous tasks of model building. When you paint by hand, it is so easy to apply too much paint or uneven coats, leaving you with a mess you need to fix. But that’s just a problem with the tools. So why not upgrade your model painting tool kit to include spray guns?

When it comes to spray guns, Iwata has what you need! These paint guns give you an even base coat application on a plastic model, or you can create pinstripe details on your bike!

Something for Everyone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover what people are asking about Anest Iwata and learn some helpful tips for everyday use.

Where are Iwata paint guns made?

Anest Iwata has a production factory located in Akita, Japan where the majority of their products are made. All Anest Iwata products purchased from Plaza Japan will ship directly from Japan.

Is Anest Iwata good quality?

Anest Iwata is a respectable brand that is well-known for producing spray guns that provide reliable performance at an affordable price.

What are Iwata spray guns used for?

These paint guns are a popular choice for model builders. Use one to paint the parts before you take them off the sprues, apply a base coat, or simply paint as you go. With one of these spray guns, you’ll have less mess with a faster paint job!

Should I clean my Iwata paint gun after each use?

Yes, it is important to clean your paint gun after each time you use it. If you do not take the time to clean it, excess paint can build up in the nozzle and dry. This can cause clogs, which will result in quality issues when you try to use it.