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Tons of Trains

A traditional HO scale train measures approximately 3.5 mm to one foot. Our selection of HO scale Japanese trains includes the standard 16.5 mm train tracks, as well as everything from structures to figures. 

Start Your Layout Today

With our selection of model trains, you can build your own village and customized station with to-scale cars, buses, shops, and even passengers to line the streets and fill your train cars. From passenger trains that appear fast and comfortable to locomotives that transport goods, our collection has the perfect set to spark your imagination.

Discover an assortment of HO scale trains at Plaza Japan today, and enjoy reliable U.S. shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Plaza Japan, we interact with many HO model train collectors. From first-timers to veterans, we get a lot of questions about model trains. Here are some of the ones we hear most often.

What makes the HO scale model train so popular among collectors?

HO models are among the most user-friendly model trains available on the market today, which has made them popular among novice and experienced collectors alike. They are easier to set up since they are larger than N models but smaller than O models. There are also many manufacturers of HO scale trains out there today, which offers collectors a range of options.

How steep of a hill can an HO model climb?

Despite their small size, HO trains are quite powerful. They can handle grades of 1 to 2 percent without any issue. HO models can still handle grades between 2.5 percent and 3.5 percent, though you may begin to see declines in performance. A grade of four percent is typically considered too great for an HO train. 

Can you run an HO scale train outdoors?

The short answer is yes, you can. That said, sunlight can gradually damage the track and the train itself. Plus, the elements can wear out the mechanical components of the train. If you decide to run an HO train outside, make sure to store it indoors at the end of the day and cover the track.

What is the difference between an O and HO train?

It’s simple: the “H” in HO means it is half the size of an O scale train. O scale trains are 1:48 gauge, whereas HO models are 1:87. O models are the largest model trains available on the market. Before deciding between an HO and O model, consider how much space you have available in your home and how detailed you plan to be in your track designs.