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Over 50 Years of Iconic Ultraman Action Figures

You’ll find all your favorite Ultraman characters at Plaza Japan. But whose side are you on? Let’s start with the heroes! Spanning over 50 years, the Ultraman franchise contains many superheroes fighting for good. Some of the most popular Ultraman superheroes include Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Tiga.

Just like heroes, everyone loves an evil villain! If you prefer the dark side, Plaza Japan also carries Ultraman toys based on your favorite villains, including characters like Alien Baltan, Bemular, Red King, and Zetton.

Bandai Ultraman Merch at Plaza Japan

Plaza Japan is your #1 source for authentic Ultraman action figures and other merchandise. Everything our company sells comes directly from our headquarters in Japan. By offering fast and reliable shipping, you won’t wait long to receive your incredible Ultraman toys. We also offer authentic Japanese models, jigsaw puzzles, and many other action figures. Whether you’re new to Japanese franchises or an avid collector, Plaza Japan carries products for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being one of Japan’s most well-known characters, it’s understandable to have questions about Bandai Ultraman. Here are answers to frequently asked Ultraman questions.

Is Ultraman a Hero or Villain?

Ultraman is a hero spanning many different reinventions since 1966. This Japanese superhero fights against evil, sometimes with help from his friends from the Science Special Search Party (SSSP).

Who Is the True Ultraman?

If you ask many of this franchise’s fans, they would tell you the original 1966 Ultraman is the true version of this character. Recently, Ultraman received an animated Netflix adaptation. While making certain changes to Ultraman’s lore, this new series received lots of praise from critics and fans.

Why Is Ultraman So Big?

One of Ultraman’s abilities is rapidly growing into a towering version of himself. This ability happened when a man named Shin Hayata from the SSSP fused with an alien from Nebula M78. This fusion gave Ultraman the ability to grow to his giant size.

Is Bandai Ultraman Part of Godzilla?

Avid fans of Ultraman toys or the Godzilla franchise might recall seeing Godzilla appear in Ultraman’s original television show. Currently, Ultraman is not a part of Godzilla’s story canon. However, there have been rumors of a new fictional universe shared by Godzilla and Ultraman.