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Ultraman Figures

Ultraman figures are highly collectible figures from Tsuburaya Productions. 

You’ve got your heroes, your villains, and everything in between. To find them all, check out the Ultraman toys from Bandai, all available here at Plaza Japan. If you love sci-fi, then you’ll dive right into the series and want to own every one of the figures. Die-hard collectors definitely need to add these figures to their collections!

Ultraman Heroes

You’ll flip for the Ultraman figures in our inventory. Let’s start with the heroes! There’s Bandai Ultraman X, the ultimate hero of the series. You can collect the figures to display them or to play with them. You can also set up miniature dioramas to resemble your favorite Ultraman battles. Get your favorite toys today!

Ultraman Villains

Just like heroes, we all love a good villain! The same is true with Ultraman toys. We have an array of cool-looking Ultraman villains from which to choose. One of the most frightening villains is a giant lizard-like creature with a long tail and scary teeth. You wouldn’t want to battle with him! You’ll find villains that fly, bad guys that crawl, and enemies that you don’t want to mess with, but like every good display, you need a few villains to make it look more authentic.

Whose side are you on? Would your Ultraman figure be a villain or a hero? That’s the most remarkable thing about having these cool collectibles and dioramas to play with. You don’t have to choose which side you’ll take. You can simply collect them all!