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Plaza Japan has the Real Action Heroes line from Medicom available for avid collectors who are building a curated selection of true-to-life action figures. You’ll find an assortment of action hero figures that are fun to play with. However, you can also display them to show off your figures to your friends.

Movie Favorites

If you’re a fan of “A Clockwork Orange,” you’ll recognize this Real Action Figure in no time. Alex is known for his charisma – and for being an antisocial delinquent. He loves listening to Beethoven and committing crimes. He’s the leader of a small gang that consists of his three “droogs.” The action figure has his derby hat, his disguise, and his instantly recognizable makeup.

Gaming Heroes

Many of our action hero figures come from comic books, movies, and video games. The Legend of Zelda action figure of Link is exquisitely detailed. His facial expression is fierce, just like he is! He has hair of gold and piercing blue eyes. His vibrant turquoise top, khaki pants, and knee-high boots are eye-catching, as well. He has his bow and arrow, a sword and sheath, and other tools to battle with. Add him to your collection today.

People You Know and Love

The Medicom brand even creates Real Action Heroes modeled after famous real-life stars, such as Pharrell Williams. His action figure is so life-like that you’ll think you’re looking at the real deal! He looks like he could belt out a song any minute.

If you’re looking for your next real-life action figure, check out the selection of Real Action Figures at Plaza Japan.