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What is a Z Scale Model Train?

Z scale trains are the smallest model train kits and require lots of detailed attention to make their appearance pop. They're on a 1:220 scale, which tells you how minuscule they are. The track gauge is a mere 6.5 mm as compared to the 9mm found in N scale kits. Z scale kits take time, skill, and focus due to the size of the parts and pieces. But don’t let that dissuade you! These incredible kits may take a careful hand, but their incredible realistic appearance is well worth the work!

Shop High-Quality Z Scale Models Today

Whether you’re searching for an old-fashioned engine with a retro look or something more contemporary like an express bullet train, our collection of Z scale trains and accessories has everything you need to create your own unique world. Explore our range of structures, storefronts, and station buildings -- including wooden engine houses and modern convenience stores -- to add a flair of real-world likeness to your design. You can even add electronic parts to move your train from destination to destination. Shop our collection today, and add to your collection of Z scale trains!