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HO Train Parts: Limitless Options

Many people enjoy the hobby of model trains. It is a way to explore your creativity or make a tribute to a real-life location. Instead of simply collecting, you can use HO train parts and accessories to build and customize your train layout to fit your needs. We offer a wide range of parts so you can unleash your creativity with no bounds. Shop for all types of items for the train including engines, cars, tracks, and parts. You can also buy tiny detail items including cups, plates, and more.

Buy Model Train Parts and Accessories Online with Plaza Japan

There are many different types of model trains available, and Plaza Japan offers a variety of scale ratios including Z scale, N scale, and HO scale. Check out our range of parts before finalizing your purchase to make sure your cars and structures are the right sizes.

The key to a realistic-looking train model is in the little details and Plaza Japan offers everything you need. When it comes to purchasing model trains and HO train parts online, we have the widest range of parts, train cars, tracks, structures, and accessories to bring your scale model train track to life. Shop Plaza Japan today and start creating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about HO train accessories and parts? Check out our FAQ section below for more information.

What is HO scale?

HO is one of many scale ratios available in today’s model train world. The acronym “HO” stands for “Half O,” since it’s half the size of its O scale counterpart. The HO scale ratio is 1:87, meaning that you’d need 87 model cars to reach the length of one real car.

What’s the difference between OO and HO?

While the OO scale ratio is 1:76, the HO scale ratio is 1:87, making the OO scale slightly larger than the HO scale. While both are relatively accessible scales, HO is more popular in the US and Europe while OO is popular in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is the most popular model train scale?

HO is by far the most popular scale in the model train world. This scale ratio is well represented in Plaza Japan’s vast collection of model train parts and accessories.

Which is better, HO or O scale trains?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for, the complexity of your layout idea, and your available building space.

O scale trains are twice the size of HO trains, so they take up twice the amount of space. If you have a large garage dedicated to model train building, this larger scale might not be a problem for you. But, if you have limited build space, you might opt for HO instead.

Smaller scales also allow builders to create more intricate, complex layouts and environments for their model trains. If you’re detail-oriented or want to bring a complex train environment to life, consider HO scale or an even smaller scale ratio like N or Z.