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Collect Aircraft from Around the World With Model Airplane Kits From Plaza Japan!

Assemble fighting aircraft from all over the world and across history, from the Japanese WW2 fighter planes to US jets. Adding accessories like decals can help to build the most authentic recreation, and collectors can share their completed aircraft with other plastic model builders through social media and model clubs.

Different Types of Aircraft

Model builders and collectors can find an impressive selection of detailed airplane models at Plaza Japan, ranging from model airplane kits to other popular plastic models. You can choose from helicopters, planes, fighter jets, and many others from military branches all over the world. Having different types of plastic military airplanes in your collection makes it more realistic and fun to play with or admire from afar.

No matter what type of model airplane kits you’re looking for, you’ll find the tools, decals, and accessories to make your collection look fabulous. We also offer fast shipping directly from Japan to get your models to you quickly. Get started here at Plaza Japan if you’re ready to grow your collection of plastic model airplanes!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our model kits. Here are a few we hear often:

Are model airplane kits difficult to put together?

Model airplanes can be quite fun to put together, but some do require greater skill than others. If you’re a beginner, pay close attention to the type of plane that you wish to purchase. Look for projects that have fewer pieces — those will be more beginner-friendly. Once you get the hang of putting together model airplanes, you can move on to more complex projects to display in your space!

What kind of tools will I need for my project?

While the specific tools you’ll need for each project will vary, there are some essentials that are must-haves when you’re putting together model airplane kits. This includes modeling putty and glue, sharp crafting knives to cut out pieces and remove unnecessary blemishes, and paint brushes (add thinner for mistakes).

How should I display my plastic model airplanes?

Some people will place their plastic airplanes on shelves so that they can regularly handle them. Others may get a bit more creative and hang them from the ceiling using wire to create scenes. Those who want to preserve their airplanes may choose to display them in glass cases. Display your models in whichever manner brings you the most joy and helps you protect your projects!