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Plastic Models - Aircrafts

Assembling plastic military airplane models is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. It’s also a creative way to connect with your children. Teaching them a little history while having quality time together is a win-win for you both. Aircraft model kits are available for hobbyists who enjoy recreating past battles or staging new ones. You can put together accurate dioramas or assemble the models for fun. At Plaza Japan, you’ll find detailed airplane models and all the accessories needed to replicate your favorite battles.

Aircraft from Around the World

Model builders can find aircraft model kits from countries like the US, Canada, Japan, and Russia. That versatility will allow you to assemble fighting aircraft from all over the world, opening you up to a range of historic events. Adding accessories like decals can help to build the most authentic recreation, and collectors can share their completed aircraft with other plastic model builders through social media and model clubs.

Different Types of Aircraft

Model builders and collectors can find an impressive selection of detailed airplane models at Plaza Japan. You can choose from helicopters, planes, fighter jets, and many others from military branches all over the world. Having different types of plastic military airplanes in your collection makes it more realistic and fun to play with or admire from afar.

No matter what type of aircraft model kits you’re looking for, you’ll find the tools, decals, and accessories to make your collection look fabulous. Get started at Plaza Japan!