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Built for Your Hobby

Plaza Japan is proud to offer quality products that are built for all of your hobbies. The selection of Kyosho RC Japan parts ensures that your RC needs are covered. RC car Kyosho products provide durability and quality that you can trust with your beloved hobby. Browse our selection of RC parts today and make sure you check out our immense selection of jigsaw puzzles, model trains, toys, and more featuring your favorite Japanese characters and brands like Kyosho RC Japan. Our products will be shipped fast and directly to you from Japan. If you have any questions about Plaza Japan, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

The Selection for You

The collection at Plaza Japan supports all of your hobbies, from RC to model trains. We have an immense selection of rare and authentic Japanese products that are perfect for gifts, growing collections, and engaging in hobbies. Explore what’s new to find an authentic Japanese product for you or for someone you love. For more gift ideas, news about the latest releases, and activity ideas to keep you entertained throughout the year, read more on the Plaza Japan blog. It’s your source for staying in the know about all of your hobbies and interests!