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Plastic Model Buildings

Incorporating buildings into your model collections gives them a more authentic look. If you love model trains, you can incorporate tiny towns with restaurants, shops, schools, houses, and so much more to your layout. If you’re a military enthusiast, you can find many war-torn buildings, bombed-out structures, and other buildings. The possibilities are endless!

Historically Accurate Buildings

If you’re going for realism, then you won’t want every building in pristine condition. Plaza Japan offers plastic model buildings that appear to be damaged by war and time. These buildings can be used in historical model reenactments of battles throughout history or in the creation of an entirely new war-torn display. Historically accurate structures are vital in making your dioramas stand out above the rest.

Architecture in Miniature

We have kits for buildings from around the world so you can create a diverse landscape. Find authentic Japanese shrines, temples, and castles from Japanese cities and other popular sites. Adding miniature architecture to your collection is easy when you shop at Plaza Japan. We’re the one-stop shop for hobbyists all over the globe!

Everyday Scenes

Hopefully, you have space to display your plastic model buildings and the rest of your collection. Pick up some regular buildings, such as train depots, schools, and shops. They’re perfect for staging scenes and cities surrounding a model train. You’ll find tiny school desks and chairs sets, teachers’ desks and chairs, vending machines, and many other unique pieces to make your collection special.

You can spend countless hours assembling plastic models of all kinds. It’s a great way to pass the time on a rainy day or to just relax from your busy days at work. Build your collection at Plaza Japan!