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Discover Senbei With Plaza Japan

Senbei can be difficult to categorize, as there are multiple types of senbei. At its core, senbei are crispy rice crackers that traditionally include a seaweed coating for a very flavorful experience. However, that’s not all senbei is. Some other senbei rice cracker flavors that you might come across include honey soy sauce fried mochi, delectable Kaki No Tane Ume Shiso, and the spicier Kaki No Tane Wasabi. There’s guaranteed to be something salty, sweet, or savory that you can pair with your favorite hot drink or eat by itself!

Authentic Japanese Toys and Snacks

Whether you’re looking to build a high-quality Japanese model city or order your favorite senbei rice crackers, Plaza Japan is your source for all things Japan. Our reliable and fast shipping makes it easy to get your favorite Japanese foods delivered right to your home so that you can enjoy everything Japan has to offer. Whether you have a question about senbei or other snacks and drinks in our inventory or you’re ready to make an order, buy now or get in touch with us today!