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Cute, Colorful and Affordable

Japan creates a vast array of colorful and exciting dolls for you to choose from, all affordably priced and a great way to branch out without having to break the bank (as some doll brands require). No matter whether you want to buy an Azone doll or you want to accessorize your Japanese doll, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Authentic Items at Plaza Japan

Here at Plaza Japan, we make it easy to find all your favorites. Our vast collection of authentic Japanese plastic dolls and other toys helps you discover new items you might never have heard of. More importantly, we make the shopping experience exciting as well by offering fast shipping directly from Japan. Shop our dolls and accessories now or contact us if you need support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the answers to our most commonly asked questions about dolls.

What are popular Japanese dolls for kids?

Licca dolls from Takara Tommy are quite popular in Japan. You can pose them, change their outfits, brush their hair, and treat them like any other children’s doll. Azone dolls are also quite popular.

Are dolls still collectible?

Dolls have a long history of being part of collections! Some are played with by children, while others may never leave their box. It is up to you whether you have a used collection or if all the dolls remain in perfect condition.

Do dolls have to be old to be considered collectible?

Not at all! There are multiple classifications for doll collectors, but there is no set time frame where a doll cannot be considered a collectible item. Antique dolls are at least 100 years old, while dolls within the last 50 years are considered modern collectibles.

Can adults collect Japanese dolls?

Absolutely! Dolls are not just for little girls. Just like any hobby, anyone can choose to begin collecting dolls. What matters is that your collection makes you happy and you get excited when you can add to it!