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Shop HO Train Tracks at Plaza Japan

Model trains can perform a wide variety of complex functions, and it all begins with investing in the right products. If you’re in the process of laying down tracks for your model trains, you’ll find that we offer numerous track products, including manual right turnouts, manual left turnouts, and loops. Of course, we don’t stop there. This only scratches the surface of what your model build can achieve. We also offer a wide variety of HO scale track accessories like 3-color signal sets and stop signal buttons to help your train operate more realistically. When you want to build the railways of your dreams, you can rely on Plaza Japan to help you get the job done!

Source Japanese HO Gauge Model Kits Today

Why settle for anything less than high-quality, authentic Japanese model kits and accessories? Here at Plaza Japan, we have you covered no matter where you may be in the building process. Take a look at what we have to offer in our store to bring your build to life. If you need any help or if you have any questions about HO scale tracks and accessories, make sure to reach out to us so we can answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about HO scale tracks, trains, and more? Check out our FAQ section for more info.

What is HO scale?

HO is one of many popular scale ratios available in today’s model train market. Other popular scales include N scale, Z scale, and O scale.

The HO scale ratio is 1:87, meaning that the total length of 87 cars lined up end-to-end equals the length of one real car. HO is a mid-range size in the model train world, and it’s by far the most popular scale.

Should I choose HO scale or N scale?

While HO scale is 1:87, N scale is 1:160 — a markedly smaller size. While both sizes are popular and accessible for today’s model builders, their size choice depends on their personal preferences, available build space, and other factors. 

Perhaps most importantly, HO models take up more space than N models. If you’re looking to build an intricate HO scale tracks and environment with limited space, N scale might be the size for you. But, if you have more room to build or simply want a larger-scale set, consider HO scale.

What’s the difference between O and HO?

The acronym “HO” stands for “Half O.” That’s because the HO scale is half the size of the O scale. The sets’ considerable size difference is one of the only differences between the two scale ratios, but the popularity of HO makes parts more widely available.

Are all HO scale tracks compatible?

As long as they’re the same size and type, most HO train track products are compatible. However, read product descriptions carefully to ensure that your chosen product will fit into the rest of your build.