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Kato 2-170 109mm (4 1/4') Bumper Track S109B (2 pcs.) (HO scale)

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Why do you need HO scale track bumpers for your train set? The world you create in your basement or spare room is a microcosm of the real world – especially the trains. When you buy train cars, locomotives, and tracks from Plaza Japan, you get railway items that are finely detailed and as true to life as possible. We know that train hobbyists want realism. The Kato brand knows that, as well, which is why they offer accessories like these 109mm track bumpers. Let’s talk about bumpers and why they’re so essential for your railway setup.

Understanding Track Bumpers

HO scale track bumpers, also known as buffers, are an imperative part of any rail line, both in real life and in the world that you put together with your train sets. They are the barriers located at the end of any train tracks that come to a dead end, and they’re designed to stop the train from going past the dead end and crashing. The bumper is designed to transfer the force of impact to the rails, ties, and roadbed, and to impact the coupler of the railcar, making it an extremely important part of your train set.

Building the Perfect Track

Building fun tracks to go with your train sets is vital to train hobbyists everywhere. You want to have the most realistic-looking cars, locomotives, and tracks delivered to your door as quickly as possible. At Plaza Japan, you’ll find everything you possibly need for your setup, including HO scale track bumpers.

Experiment with different pieces to make a track you love. Find the Kato HO scale track bumpers and more at Plaza Japan.

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