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Kawada RC

Are you a building enthusiast? If you love modifying RC vehicles or turning your models into remote-controlled devices, then you can't miss out on the assortment of Kawada RC parts at Plaza Japan. The Kawada RC brand is well-known for producing quality gadgets and parts for all of your RC needs. They provide essential RC radio control car parts for converting your models and toys into fully-functioning RC machines. Just browse through our selection of parts to find the tools, plastic pieces, spacers, and gears you need!

Kawada RC: All Fast & Furious Parts You Need

What kind of Kawada RC parts are you looking for today? From decals and paint to buckle rods, pinion gears, and springs, Plaza Japan can help you to create an RC machine from scratch. Get as detailed as you want with your creation! Our Kawada RC collection contains everything -- snag a suspension shaft set so that you can craft a rugged, outdoorsy RC vehicle capable of handling the toughest terrain or grab a sleek, sporty decal for the perfect, luxe cruiser.

From there, shop for batteries, connector cables, and power cords. Turn existing Japanese plastic model kits into RC cars with our Kawada RC conversion kits. You can even put together the setup you need to run your collection of trains! Once you have all of the essentials you need in your cart, grab a Kawada T-shirt to announce your hobby to everyone you meet!

Uncover your new favorite models and Kawada RC parts at Plaza Japan today!