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Your Go-to Source for RC

Plaza Japan is your go-to source for everything RC. We carry a vast selection of quality, authentic products like RC tools for all of your hobbies that will make all of the difference from top-selling Japanese brands, including Kawada RC. Browse our selection of RC car parts from Kawada to build your creation from scratch or to optimize and enhance your RC today. If you have any questions about Plaza Japan, feel free to Contact Us. We’re always happy to help!

Explore Your Hobbies

Explore your hobbies or discover a new one with Plaza Japan! We offer an extensive collection of rare and authentic Japanese products for any hobby, including model trains, action figures, plastic models, and finished models. Our collection is made for collectors and hobbyists alike. After you’re finished picking up your RC car parts, why not uncover a new and different hobby or Japanese action figure to enjoy? We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect item to treat yourself or someone you love. 

Need more gift ideas? Check out the Plaza Japan blog for unique gift inspiration, anime and action figure news, and activity ideas to keep you and your loved ones entertained all throughout the year. It’s your source for staying up-to-date with everything you want to know!