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Authentic Tamiya RC Kits and Parts

The parts in our collection should work in most Tamiya RC models and other automotive model products. Just double check to make sure that the parts you order are compatible with the RC device you want to assemble or fix. 

Want to take your Tamiya remote control vehicle to the next level? Explore our selection of Tamiya RC kits and additions like LED light sets! Plaza Japan also offers Tamiya parts you can add to your current collection of models. For example, we have an Electric Actuator Set for an RC tipper truck. You can plop an actual trailer onto your remote-controlled tractor trailer, as well, or update the look of your miniature vehicle with new hubcaps or rims!

Ready to update your collection with an all-new Tamiya RC model? Experience the need for speed on a small scale and search through our collection of driveable, radio-controlled cars that can go from shelf to street with ease! Or purchase one of our Tamiya parts kits to personalize your own model or pre-assembled vehicle.

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Passion meets precision at Plaza Japan. With over a decade of dedication, we bring you a handpicked selection of collectibles, including Tamiya RC kits, straight from Japan.

We believe in authenticity, quality, and reliable service, so you can shop confidently with us. Plaza Japan offers a world of opportunities for collectors and hobbyists to access genuine Japanese products and parts. Choose Plaza Japan and keep your excitement for Japanese culture alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in our products? Check out our FAQs and get the answers to the most common questions you’re dying to know.

Are these Tamiya RC kits suitable for beginners?

Of course! These kits cater to all levels of enthusiasts, from novices to experts. They’re made to be assembled easily and are friendly for users of all experience levels. From novices looking for a starting point to seasoned hobbyists seeking performance upgrades and replacement parts, our kits will meet your needs.

Are Tamiya remote control cars good?

Absolutely! Tamiya RC cars are fantastic and have a stellar reputation in the remote control car world. They are known for their high-quality, durability, and realism. In addition, building and customizing Tamiya RC model kits is a delightful experience.

Can I find all the necessary parts for my Tamiya car here?

Yes, our collection includes various parts and accessories to meet your specific remote control car needs. Whether you require spare plugs, wheels, propeller joints, or springs, we have the components to take your RC to the next level.

Are these Tamiya RC kits genuine?

Yes, our Tamiya kits are authentic and genuine. They’re also designed to be compatible with various Tamiya remote control car models. You can trust in the quality and compatibility of our products. If you need help choosing the right parts, don’t hesitate to reach out.