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Quality Japanese Toys on Sale!

Plaza Japan has an extensive range of toys, games, and collectibles for all ages, from the very young to the young at heart. Sometimes, they are our last-chance items and other times, the sale may be for a limited time.

With our many trusted partners continuing to sell new and exciting products ranging from cherished Japanese mainstays to Disney goods originally made for Japanese audiences, our need to keep up with demand is to your benefit!

Plaza Japan: Your Japanese Toy Store

While Plaza Japan’s toys on sale are undoubtedly tempting, make sure to browse our exclusive, hard-to-find ware that might get spirited away before you know it!

In addition to our toys on sale, check out our fun assortment of other unique goods, ranging from durable tools for model kits to crafting supplies, apparel, and more. When you shop at Plaza Japan, you can count on high-quality toys and collectibles that you and your loved ones will be proud to show off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these toys on sale?

Plaza Japan proudly carries only the best brands from well-loved Japanese companies, which means that you are never compromising on quality, and only getting a deal on soon-to-be-missed rare products. Japanese toy stores are known for only selling limited quantities, which means that even the most popular toys will have to make way for the next exciting thing.

I’m looking at a particular item: will it go on sale?

While some of our ware has the chance to be on sale, some of our products go so quickly that we don’t even have a chance to offer a promotional sale. So, when in doubt, get it while it’s available, and check our Japanese toy store often to make sure you don’t miss out!

What’s the shipping experience like?

We have repeat customers who give rave reviews for a reason! In addition to being a trusted store since 2004, we also expediently and safely ship from our store in Osaka to all over the world. Read more here to learn about our shipping policies.