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Toys for All Ages

You'll find an abundance of Japanese toys at Plaza Japan, no matter what fandom excites you. Discover the scariest Joker figurine you've ever seen, and snag a Batman to fight with him. Find the parts you need to upgrade your model train layout or find fun memorabilia inspired by your favorite anime.  You can also find scale figures from your favorite mangas. Model planes, trains, and cars will keep you — or the kiddos — occupied for days.

Authentic Toys for Sale

From obscure fandoms to the perfect gift for a loved one, you never know what you’ll find in our collection of affordable Japanese toys. From gamers to anime lovers and plastic model builders, we have something for everyone! When you shop at Plaza Japan, you can count on high-quality toys and collectibles that you and your loved ones will be proud to show off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes anime-inspired products so special? Learn why Japanese collectible figures and toys are so unique and sought-after!

What are anime-inspired toys called?

There are several types of toys, but most of them are scale model figures or Nendoroids. The figures often closely resemble their anime counterparts in terms of art style. Nendoroids are inspired by the same characters but adopt a chibi style.

What are some of the most famous toys for sale in Japan?

Many of the most popular animated shows watched around the world come from Japanese anime. These shows range from Pokemon to Gundam and are enjoyed by people of all ages. We have plenty of toys inspired by world-famous animes as well as lesser-known fandoms.

Why do people get anime toys?

One of the most common reasons people buy anime-inspired toys is because it is a way to show their love for their favorite characters. Whether it’s part of a collection or just one item sitting on their desk, it is a glimpse into that person’s personality and tastes.

How can I get authentic Japanese toys from Japan?

Many people, especially collectors, are interested in purchasing their collectible figures directly from Japan to make sure it looks as close to the character as possible. When you order online from Plaza Japan, your order will ship directly from our location in Japan.