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Traditional Japanese Games & Video Game Accessories

From Nintendo accessories to traditional Japanese games, Plaza Japan has it all. We're your one-stop-shop for every game you can imagine, plus plenty that you've never seen or played before—and isn't that what every avid gamer wants? Browse through our selection to find accessories and games that you never heard of, as well as the game console accessories for which you've been yearning. No matter what you're after, the odds are good that you'll discover it here.

All the Latest Nintendo Accessories

We're proud to serve as a hot-spot for Nintendo accessories no matter what Nintendo game console you have. Currently, we're all about the Nintendo Switch, and we bet you are, too. Accessories for this popular console are out in full force in our collection. You can find anything from cases to controls.

We have accessories for a variety of PlayStation games, as well, including the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4. You can even snag a PS4 console right here! While you're at it, take a look around for carrying cases that are ideal for organization and keeping your gear in top shape.

Beyond Video Games

In addition to Nintendo accessories and add-ons for other video games, such as headsets and special controllers, we also offer an unbeatable selection of authentic Japanese games. When you get tired of battling bosses, turn your attention to a Shogi Board. Try your hand at something new that you can teach to your friends and family.

Discover all of the Nintendo accessories you've ever wanted, along with items for the PS4 and more. Plaza Japan has a can't-miss selection to keep you entertained and engaged all year long!