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Shop R31 House RC Car Parts Online

No matter what you want your car to look like or how you want it to perform, we have you covered. R31 designs a wide range of RC car pieces so that you can bring your concept to life. Whether you need R31HOUSE R31G046 Shock Absorber Membranes, R31HOUSE R31W261 57kai Wheel Offsets, R31HOUSE R31W226PU GRK Aluminum Color Battery Plate Inserts, you’re sure to find all the R31 House pieces you need to get your RC car in working order. You might even want to browse around to see what other parts we have in our inventory!

Start Your Build With Plaza Japan

Plaza Japan makes it easy to source all of the high-quality, authentic Japanese RC car parts that you need to create stellar builds or stand out from others who you might race around with. With fast shipping directly from Japan, you get what you need to your doorstep faster. Are you ready to start creating durable, fast RC cars? Start your journey here with Plaza Japan and reach out to us if you have any questions about the various RC parts that we have in our collection!