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Model Kit Tools

Building models is an involved hobby, and model kit tools are a must for any enthusiast. Not only do you need plastic model tools to put the small pieces together accurately, but they’re also helpful when it comes to decorating your model. You may follow the display on the box or the recommendations in the instructions, but plenty of builders go on to customize their plastic models. In all cases, the right tools will help you to get the job done, and Plaza Japan has exactly what you need to create like a professional.

Building Your Model Tool Kit

We offer model kit tools from a variety of manufacturers, all of which understand the delicacy and precision required for model building. For specialized tools, take a look at our array of God Hand products, such as files and sponges. Filing the edges of the individual pieces of your model is a sure way to ensure that everything fits together properly.

HiQparts is your go-to brand for essential tools, including wires in every imaginable color and size. Browse the brand for joint covers and painting bases, as well. A painting base can help you to complete a flawless paint job. Check out scribing guide tape for additional help. For precise cutting and decorating, opt for GSI Creos model kits and plastic model tools, such as small blades, drill bits, and nippers.

Check our complete collection of model kit tools you need to complete your next project.