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Enjoy the Fascinating World of Miniature Railroading

Do you love trains? N scale model railroading is a rewarding hobby for any train enthusiast. Creating expansive scenes from train parts and N scale train accessories allows you to explore (and create) miniature worlds complete with trains, towns, and landscapes. With Plaza Japan's high-quality sets, you can create your own little slice of life right in your living room.

Building an entire railway from scratch might seem daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be! Our starter sets are designed for beginners who want to get their feet wet without spending too much money or time on something they're not sure about yet. We also have a variety of scales available. Start your journey today!

Explore Plaza Japan’s Catalog of Train Parts and More

Whether you’re interested in model train sets or you prefer to build plastic military models or model airplanes, Plaza Japan has something for every hobbyist—and all skill levels. Our high-quality parts, kits, figures, and toys are designed to be used so you or your kids can get the most out of your purchase. We also offer fast shipping so you can start your build as soon as possible. Explore our collections today at Plaza Japan!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to the wide world of model trains, you might have some questions. Our expert builders have answers — check out our FAQ below!

What do I need to build a model train?

There are three basic parts you’ll need to build a basic model train set: a train (cars and engine), tracks, and electrical wiring. But, if you’re looking to build an immersive world, you should also pick up some terrain elements (like fields or hillsides), lights, signs, structures, and people. Don’t be afraid to start small. You can always add onto your build over time.

What is N scale?

N is one of many model train scales in today’s market. “Scale” describes the size of your model compared to a real train. For instance, most N scale products and accessories are 1:160, meaning that it would take 160 cars to create the length of one real-life car.

It’s important that your model train parts are compatible. Your model train and tracks must be in the same scale to ensure a proper fit, but choosing accessories at the same scale will help you build a lifelike environment around your track.

Should I use a kit or individual parts?

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the model train world, a kit can help simplify your first build — and potentially help you save money on parts. Kits are a great option if you’re not sure about model train building.

But, if you’re a seasoned builder, you might prefer to source individual parts to achieve a highly custom build. Of course, both options are available for everyone.

Do model trains hold their value?

The model train market is expansive, and you’ll find both high- and low-quality products in your search for train parts and accessories. As long as you purchase high-quality products that are well-made from durable materials, your set should hold its value.