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Pop Up Parade

Pop Up Parade is a fun line of figurines from the Good Smile Company. The Good Smile Pop Up Parade line regularly drops new figurines for pre-order, which you can find right here at Plaza Japan. Take a look at the figures we already have on offer!

All Your Favorite Characters

The Pop Up Parade line contains many colorful characters from popular cartoons and Japanese comic books, so you and fans of all ages can collect your favorites to play with or display. Enjoy hours of putting together little communities and recreating scenes. Full of color and explicit facial details, they look like they jumped straight out of a comic book into your hands!

True-to-Life Details

All of the Good Smile Pop Up Parade figures are 17-18cm tall with vibrantly painted details. Many of the figures have articulated joints, allowing you to move their limbs and pose them exactly how you want. They even come with a handy stand that you can display your character on! The figures feature true-to-life details, from their facial expressions and colorful hair to their outfits and accessories.

Keep ‘Em Coming

Don’t be kept in the dark. Pop Up Parade shoppers can check out the New Arrivals section regularly to see which figures are available for purchase and pre-order. Plaza Japan strives to keep our inventory stocked with new figurines for your collection.

If you’re an avid collector of Pop Up Parade, then you’ll want to check back frequently so that you don’t miss out on new and exciting figurines from the Good Smile Company!