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Putting together plastic military model kits is a painstaking but rewarding hobby. Whether you have an affinity for military models or want to explore a new facet of a favorite pastime, Plaza Japan has a sensational selection of plastic military models for you to peruse. In addition to tanks and recon vehicles from military branches worldwide – including America, Germany, and Japan – we also have a collection of characters that are fun to assemble. Check out what we have on offer to hone your model-building skills.

Military Characters

Check out plastic military model kits from an assortment of military branches. Discover U.S infantrymen from WWII, German soldiers, and infantry women from the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. We offer an impressive supply of male soldiers and female military personnel, all of which can make your model displays more fun and realistic.

By Land, By Air, and By Sea

Your collection of plastic military models should include military vehicles. Shop for armored vehicles on the ground, such as combat vehicles, tanks, mounted guns, and combat trucks. When ground control isn’t doing the trick, send in helicopters and fighter jets to wipe out the threat. You’ll find plenty of air support available for your collection. No army is safe without battleships and submarines that are equipped to fight from beyond the front line, and the enemy won’t see them coming.

Plaza Japan has a wide range of plastic military model kits for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to pick out a few members of the military to assemble, as well. You can also check out decals, tools, and other accessories to sharpen your skills as an avid model builder.