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Get everything you need with a convenient kit for your plastic model accessories from Plaza Japan. Having model kit accessories in various scale sizes will make it easier to customize your models without buying an entire kit. You can choose what you need to complete your model. You’ll find a variety of decals for cars, airplanes, and buildings, not to mention accessories for action figure models. We also have aircraft accessories and display cases for all of your completed items.

Plastic Parts and Pieces

Discover plastic model accessories in the most popular scale sizes so that you can customize your models. The ball joint kits can allow you to build moveable models and action figures. Plastic parts and pieces are available to make your hobby even more enjoyable. Shop for different kit accessories to suit all of your needs.

Must-Have Extras

Once you’ve collected all of the model kit accessories you need, then it’s time to check out the must-have extras you may have missed. Plaza Japan has an array of decals and stickers available to decorate buildings, cars, trucks, and character models. The use of lighted stands and small spotlights are ideal for displaying models, as well. Make use of the extras to keep your collection safe for years to come.

Plaza Japan has the perfect plastic model accessories for your hobby, ranging from decals to characters, spotlights, and lighted stands. Teach your craft to your children and enjoy hours of bonding time or join social media groups that share the love of assembling models and show off your favorites! Let us become your go-to spot for model kit accessories!