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Understanding N Scale Model Trains

N scale trains tend to vary by manufacturer but are generally close enough in design to be mix-and-matched for your very own, custom train. To qualify as an N scale, a model train must range between 1:148 and 1:160 in scale, and the gauge between the rails must always measure 9 mm. That means that there should be a 9 mm distance between each rail on the train track. Worried your kit isn’t in an N scale? Measuring the distance between the rails is one way to know for sure that you're dealing with an N scale model!

Trains and Accessories

At Plaza Japan, we offer models ranging from traditional HO scale trains to dainty and delicate Z scale models. Explore our collection for all the accessories and details you need to make your N scale model train pop! From colorful train cars to passengers, storefronts, and train stations for your train to pull into, our collection has everything you need to create your own unique world.

Explore the N scale trains at Plaza Japan today to select your must-have pieces.