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Discover Japanese Tea Bags and More at Plaza Japan

Authentic Japanese drinks can introduce you to exciting new flavors and experiences you may not have had before, even with popular brands like Lipton or Twinings. Whether you’re a fan of apple honey tea with caffeine for a little pick-me-up during the day, royal milk tea, or even black oolong tea, you’ll discover that our wide selection of hot drink options offers something for everyone during any hour of the day. No matter what you may already enjoy or what you may have yet to try, explore our inventory to see what appeals to you. Order authentic Japanese tea bags and other hot drinks today!

Authentic Japanese Model Kits and Beyond

Plaza Japan makes it easy to purchase authentic Japanese toys and other products with reliable and fast shipping. Our large collection of items ranges from apparel to Japanese tea bags, and high-quality goods that you can collect and enjoy. Whether you’re in the market for something specific or you’re simply looking around, order now or contact us today with any questions you may have!