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Must-Have HO Scale Accessories

Build your own unique HO scale layout with popular accessories from Plaza Japan. Shop through the huge collection of miniature people and cute animals that will make your train environment more realistic. You’ll also find an array of train cars that can be added to your railroad layout. Make your setup unique with must-have HO gauge train layout accessories.

Hardware and Supplies from Plaza Japan

You’ll find hardware accessories, such as power supplies and carrying cases to store your HO scale model train layouts in Plaza Japan’s huge collection. Whether you’re into HO scale buses, trains, steam locomotives, or a little bit of it all, Plaza Japan has what you’re looking for. Shop for HO model railroads and trains to complete your display.

Browse through the assortment of HO scale products at Plaza Japan to find new people, creatures, and train cars for your collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about HO scale layout products, check out our FAQ for more information.

What is HO scale?

HO is a model train scale with a ratio of 1:87 — you’d need 87 model cars to reach the length of one real-life car. It’s one of the most popular scale ratios in the model train market today. As a result, HO gauge train layout materials are some of the most widely accessible from model train retailers.

What’s the difference between OO and HO?

HO features a 1:87 scale ratio while OO uses a slightly larger 1:76 scale ratio. HO scale parts are much more widely available worldwide, but OO is most popular in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

What’s the difference between HO and N?

N scale is another popular model train size among builders and collectors. It’s significantly smaller than HO with a ratio of 1:160. Builders with small available build spaces or highly complex build ideas typically employ N scale products to achieve the level of detail they’re looking for without monopolizing too much floor or table space.

What is the best height for a model train baseboard?

To protect and contain their builds, model train environment designers typically surround their model with a baseboard — a piece of wood that serves as a border. Builders use a variety of sizes, and your choice will depend on personal preference and comfort. Your baseboard should be short enough to lean over comfortably while working on your set, but not too short to adequately protect your environment.