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Discover the Perfect Z Scale Layout for Your Model Trains

Our layout products make it easy for anyone to start setting up environments for their trains as they work towards a better understanding of how tracks work and how they can start creating their own environments for their model trains. Here at Plaza Japan, you can purchase Z scale train layout kits and accessories as well as the necessary layout technology like train controllers to make the most of your new layout. If you want to create a setup similar to your favorite model train hobbyists, get started by exploring our layout collection!

Shop Plaza Japan for High-Quality Layouts and More

Plaza Japan offers an extensive inventory of Japanese toys including model trains, Z scale layouts and tracks, and plastic models for any environment. We also offer fast shipping so that you can get your products shipped right to your door quickly. Are you looking for authentic Japanese layouts to start enhancing your model train hobby? Shop Plaza Japan now or reach out to us if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about Z scale model trains and layouts? Check out our FAQ below.

What are the dimensions of the Z scale layout?

Z scale trains feature:

  • 1.385 mm to 1 ft scale
  • 1:220 scale ratio
  • 6.5 mm/0.256 in model gauge

Z scale is on the smaller end of the model train size spectrum. You can find more information about your specific Z scale product (like precise dimensions) in the product description. 

What is Z scale?

Z scale is one of many scale sizes in the model train world. The Z scale ratio is 1:220, meaning that you’d have to line up 220 model cars end-to-end to reach the length of one real-life car.

What is the difference between Z scale and N scale?

Z scale (1:220) is smaller than N scale (1:160). However, both are at the smaller end of the size continuum for model trains. It’s important to note that Z scale trains won’t be compatible with N scale tracks and vice-versa — and size compatibility is critical to the function of your model train set.

Which is right for me: Z scale or N scale?

Both N and Z scales are excellent choices for builders with limited space for their model train environments since they’re relatively small. Builders who opt for Z scale might be able to create more complex or detailed environments in limited space than they could with N scale. However, both are widely accessible scales in today’s model train market, and both are excellent scale choices for long-time hobbyists and newcomers alike.