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Pokemon Merch With Fast Shipping

Our online Pokemon store includes Pokemon cards, plushies, and other Pokemon merchandise. We ship your order directly from Japan, and we strive for a completely hassle-free experience. Most orders ship from our store within two business days, so all of your new Pokemon items will get to you before you know it. We offer three shipping methods, so you can choose the best one for you based on speed and price range. All of your Pokemon store shipments are insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your purchases will arrive safe and sound.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

At Plaza Japan, we’re excited to offer Japanese-exclusive Pokemon merch from our Pokemon store to Pokefans all around the world. If you have any questions about our Pokemon merch, we encourage you to chat with us via email at or by filling out our contact form. We’ll get back to you faster than a Rapidash. Fill up your Pokedex today by browsing the complete collection in our Pokemon store!

Frequently Asked Questions

On your journey to catch 'em all, you may run into some questions. Read on for a list of FAQs!

What are Pokemon?

Pokemon are fictional creatures of varying sizes and species that live in the fictional regions designed by Nintendo for every new Pokemon generation. Whether you’re playing the video game or the card game, your goal as a Pokemon trainer is to gather and lead a team of these monsters to victory against your opponents.

Is our Pokemon merch official?

Yes, our Pokemon merch is 100% authentic! The Pokemon Center is the official site for buying and sourcing products on all things Pokemon. Official retailers around the world offer products directly from the Pokemon Center. Rest assured that any merchandise purchased from our Pokemon store is of original quality and material.

What kinds of products are sold?

Official retailers sell everything from Pokemon plush dolls to iPhone cases and Apple Watch bumpers. There’s so much to explore and so many ways to show your love of Pokemon! Here are some of the highlights: cards and games, keychains and charms, figurines, stationery, bags and totes. The list goes on!

What size are the plush dolls and figures?

Great question! Pokemon stores offer customers a wide variety of dolls and figurines. Some can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and others are big enough to hug. Many even feature a few life-sized dolls, so you can have your very own Pokemon with you at all times! See each item’s product page for official measurements.