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Variety is the Sweetness of Life

Plaza Japan carries a wide variety of the most highly sought-after sweets as well as hard-to-find, limited-edition candies. The delicious goodies that await you also make for excellent gifts for essentially anyone who likes fun in their life. Shopping our online Japanese candy store’s selection might feel like one part Japanese konbini or convenience store, one part festival of traditional Japanese delicacies, and one part celebration of popular modern-day Japanese culture, expressed through such cultural icons as Pokemon and Bandai. We even carry savory and sweet senbei, so make like a deer in Nara and snag them before they’re gone!

Make your Friends Jelly with Plaza Japan

If you ever dare to share your treats from Plaza Japan, your friends might start to question if you actually just came back from travels to Japan, where you visited a real Japanese candy store, because of the authenticity of the snacks. In fact, all of Plaza Japan’s goods are shipped directly and quickly from Japan, and we only carry products from exclusively trusted and celebrated Japanese companies. And, to really sweeten the deal: besides being your go-to online Japanese candy store, Plaza Japan also carries fun and even quirky kitchenware and other Japanese pop culture-themed household goods, including bento boxes, chopsticks and other cutlery, and perhaps even decorative boxes to spirit away some of your candies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’re feeling literally and virtually like a kid in a Japanese candy store, you might have a few questions before you load up your cart.

What’s special about Japanese candy?

Japanese candy is a delightful arrangement of traditional sweets, from nostalgic dagashi to treats that blend Western-type candies like gummies, chocolate bars, and cookies with traditional and even anime elements. Japanese candy is generally known for being mildly sweet and always celebrated for being incredibly creative and fun.

How do I know if it’s authentic?

Plaza Japan only sources from and partners with other Japanese companies, which means that you can trust that what you are ordering is exactly what you could find off a Japanese candy store shelf or special boutique in Japan, with the only difference that it is shipped straight to your door.

But you’re shipping food products from Japan! Will that be tricky with customs?

We take great effort in our products and shipping methods to ensure that your product will arrive at your door as efficiently and quickly as possible. Ordering Japanese candy online through Plaza Japan means taking the guesswork out of customs and international shipping, so you can focus on the fact that it’s already tomorrow in Japan, but tomorrow can’t come soon enough for your treats.