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Ready-to-eat meals dominate a huge part of Japanese food culture! They’re fast, convenient, affordable, and most importantly — delicious! In the same fashion as instant ramen, ready-to-eat meals require little to no prep and can substitute a whole meal. Just follow the instructions on the packaging and enjoy. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

Authentic Japanese Ready-to-Eat Meals Delivered to Your Front Door

We carry the most popular household names in Japanese ready-to-eat rice, noodles, curry, and soups, just to name a few! Some of the Japanese brands you might recognize in our store include Ajinomoto Knorr, Ezaki Glico, Hanamaru Kisugu, House Foods, Marumiya Foods, Nissin Foods, Otsuka, Pokka Sapporo, S & B, Toyo Suisan, and so much more! 

Convenient on-the-go meals at affordable prices that pack a delicious, gourmet taste. What more could you want? Curb your appetite like a true Japanese foodie and stock up on domestic, ready-to-eat meals today.

The Best Flavors Come From Japan

Typically only found in convenient stores, specialty stores, and supermarkets across Japan, now you can enjoy the delicious flavor you can only find in Japanese ready-to-eat meals — no matter what your geographic location is. 

Say goodbye to tedious, traditional dining and hello to the Japanese wave of convenient, ready-to-eat meals delivered right to you. 

Pro tip: eat right out of the container and skip having to wash the dishes. #winning

Want more authentic, Japanese snacks delivered directly from Osaka, Japan? Shop more Japanese foods at Plaza Japan.

(soup): රසය, සූ, සූපය, හූ
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