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Ready for a New and Exciting Hobby?

Model trains are a great way to be creative that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With our HO scale trains, you can create any world you imagine. You’ll never run out of things to do with our train layout sets that include everything from tracks to buildings, trees, cars, bridges, tunnels – even figures! And we have accessories like scenery kits so you can build your very own town or cityscape. Our trains are realistic and perfect for anyone who wants to get started in model railroading. Explore the possibilities: Purchase a Plaza Japan train set today!

Have an Enjoyable Model Railroading Experience with Plaza Japan

Welcome to Plaza Japan, the best place online to buy HO scale trains and sets! We carry a wide variety of top brands for locomotives, track accessories, and scenery, making it easy to get everything you need in one convenient location. Plus, our HO gauge trains are incredibly realistic and fun to use, making it simple to create your own miniature world! 

Our selection of top-quality products is sure to please even the most discerning rail enthusiast. With Plaza Japan’s wide selection of quality products at affordable prices, building the perfect railroad has never been easier or more fun! Come see us today and start enjoying the exciting world of trains!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more info on HO scale trains? Check out our FAQ below for more insider info.

Which is better: HO or N scale trains?

HO and N scale trains vary in two distinct ways:

  • Size – N scale is 1:160, almost half the size of O scale’s 1:87.
  • Availability – HO scale is the most widely used size in model railroading around the world, so HO scale trains and products are easy to find. 

While both sizes are reliable, HO is a substantially bigger scale. If you have limited build space, consider using the N scale instead. 

Are old HO scale train sets worth anything?

When they’re well-maintained and stored properly to prevent damage, model trains (HO scale products included) generally hold their value. However, most collectors get into model trains for the joy of collecting and building, not to create high-value collections and environments.

What does HO stand for?

“HO” stands for “Half O,” since the HO scale is half the size of the O scale. 

What’s the difference between OO and HO?

The HO scale is 1:87, meaning that you’d need to line up 87 model cars end-to-end to reach the length of a real-life train car. However, the OO scale is 1:76, meaning you’d only have to line up 76 model cars to reach the length of the real thing. OO cars and other materials are slightly larger than HO products, taking up more build space. They’re also less widely available than HO products.