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Quality Structures and Building Kits

Plaza Japan offers an exciting range of high-quality N scale buildings and other structures for budding and experienced hobbyists alike that can be astonishingly lifelike, from bridges and trestles, to office buildings, and even Japanese-style convenience stores.

Everything is created to scale to be both detailed and durable by highly respected Japanese brands who take fun seriously. Explore the Plaza Japan collection today!

Scale Up your Fun with Plaza Japan

When it comes to miniatures, Plaza Japan is a big deal! You can rely on Plaza Japan for all of your favorite building hobby interests, including RC car kits and accessories, model airplanes, and other miscellaneous miniatures. Don’t forget the tools and display cases, too!

Beyond N scale building kits, Plaza Japan offers even more ways to help you further enjoy your hobby, including authentic treats to snack on while building, figurines to add a touch of whimsy to your scene, and other crafty items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about N scale structures?

While HO is perhaps the most popular scale, it’s almost twice the size of N scale, buildings, which means it’s harder for builders with limited space to bring their complex environments to life. Many builders choose N scale because of its relatively small size while still remaining popular enough to provide a lot of creative options.

What does “N” stand for in “N scale?”

The “N” in N scale stands for nine, which is for the 9mm gauge size used on the tracks. Because there are numerous scales available for model trains, it’s important to pay attention to which scale you are using to make sure that all of your parts align and that your trains and tracks look proportionate to your N scale buildings to achieve a lifelike build.

Why should I order my N scale building kits from Plaza Japan?

Plaza Japan is one of the most trusted and highly-reviewed companies that brings the best of modern Japan to the world, affordably and expediently. Based in Osaka, Japan, we pride ourselves on our commitment to authenticity and high levels of customer service from finding that perfect building online to receiving it at your doorstep, packaged securely and with all customs paperwork handled.