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Discover N Scale Buildings and More at Plaza Japan

Adding the right accessories to your scene can make or break your immersive model experience. Here at Plaza Japan, you’ll find an extensive inventory of N scale buildings to provide the perfect look and feel for your model environment, whether you need N scale houses, apartment buildings, miniature stores, or business structures. Build your environment with the support of high-quality, authentic N scale structures from Plaza Japan: your number-one source for quality model train parts.

Shop Model Buildings and Beyond with Plaza Japan

You can rely on Plaza Japan for all of your favorite Japanese-inspired models, whether you’re looking for model train kits, model airplanes, or even miscellaneous miniatures like school desks and people. We also provide you with the best possible shopping experience by offering fast shipping directly from Japan. Explore the Plaza Japan collection to see what kinds of models we have in our inventory, or reach out to us with any questions about our products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about N scale buildings and model trains? We have answers. Check out our FAQ below!

Why choose N scale over other sizes?

Many builders choose N scale because of its relatively small size. While HO is perhaps the most popular scale, it’s almost twice the size of N scale—builders with limited space might not be able to bring their complex environments to life in such a large format. Plus, N scale materials are widely available on the market.

Do I need buildings for my model train set?

While every builder’s dream track is unique, buildings like homes, schools, and shops can make your model train environment more lifelike. In addition to terrain features, bridges, and lights, structures can round out a build and give you even more opportunities to flex your creativity or meet your aesthetic goals.

What does “N” stand for in N scale?

The “N” in N scale stands for nine—since standard N scale tracks feature a 9mm gauge size. It’s important to note that there are numerous scales available for model trains. While N is a popular scale option, you should choose accessories (like N scale buildings) that are compatible with the scale of the rest of your environment to achieve a lifelike build.

Who makes the best N scale train sets?

In terms of manufacturers, Kato and Tomytech N scale structures are some of the most popular on the market. But, you can rest assured that every manufacturer represented in the Plaza Japan collection delivers high-quality, dependable model train parts and products.