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Shop N Scale and Other Electric Locomotives Today!

Model railroading is a popular hobby, meaning there’s no shortage of N scale trains you can add to your collection and drive around in your model environment. Find all the models you need to bring your vision to life and more accessories like model buildings and miniature people right here at Plaza Japan!

Authentic Japanese Toys Right to Your Doorstep

Plaza Japan is your go-to source for all things Japan, whether you’re looking to enhance your model train hobby with high-quality Japanese model trains or even enjoy some snacks from Japan while you do it. Our focus on fast shipping directly from Japan makes it simple to get the products you want as soon as possible so that you can work on your hobby with a wide range of fun Japanese products. Get started by exploring our store or contacting us with any questions about the model trains in our inventory!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Plaza Japan, we want to ensure you have all the information you need as you add to your collection of N scale trains. Here are questions we often hear from our customers.

What is an N scale train?

The N scale model train entered the market in 1962 in Germany. N scale is a small model scale ranging between 1:148 and 1:160. Its rails are spaced approximately 9mm apart. It's an ideal scale for anyone with limited space in their home and who wants to build a large track.

How many cars can N scale trains pull?

Typically, N scale models can pull between 10 and 20 cars simultaneously. Pulling this much weight can cause the train’s engine to wear out over time. You should usually attach between 5 and 8 cars to the train at a time to avoid performance declines.

Are N Scale and N Gauge the same?

No, “guage” and “scale” do not mean the same thing for model building. N Scale refers to the scale ratio. N Gauge is only used in reference to the distance between the rails on a track.

What voltage do N Scale models run on?

As electric locomotives, N scale models require a steady source of power to run. Experts recommend using at least 10 volts of electricity to power N scales, with 12 volts being considered the maximum amount. Higher voltage levels can permanently damage the engine of an N scale model.