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Your Ticket to the World of Model Trains

Model trains, both N scale and other sizes are not just figurines: they are buildable kits that include the trains themselves, the train tracks, and their scenes. The model train hobby is a fun combination of building according to design, alongside the literal spark of creativity that comes when you design an N Scale locomotive that moves and operates on electricity. Much goes into the hobby, and it’s why it’s captured the hearts of people in Japan and globally for so long.

Your Central Hobby Station

Whether you are building a model train, a race car, a Gundam, or amassing a miniature army, Plaza Japan is your platform for the kits and crafting supplies. We carry products from the most trusted and celebrated Japanese modeling brands, including Bandai and Tamiya. Don’t forget to consider adding a themed snack while you build, or a quirky figurine to your hobby train scene!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “N scale” mean?

There are different sizes of model trains, and they are distinguished by letters like “HO” and “Z” to show their size ratio. N scale is among the smallest and most popular because they are small enough to build elaborate layouts without being so tiny that they are hard to work with. Please note that this is different from “gauge,” which is used to talk about the size of the rails - which is especially important to ensure that your train can fit and go where you want it to go!

What kinds of Model Trains do you sell?

Plaza Japan sells a massive variety from Japanese model trains to model trains inspired by North American and European models. As importantly, we also sell an extensive amount of kit accessories to ensure your finished product is as high quality as you’d expect from your kit.

How do N Scale Model Trains Work?

As electric locomotives, N scale locomotives require a steady source of power to run. Experts recommend using between 10 volts to 12 volts to power N scales, as too little won’t move them enough, especially if you have many connected N scale railroad cars, and too much can cause permanent damage to your models over time.

These N Scale Model trains look complicated! What’s the age range?

N Scale railroad cars are simple to enjoy but complex to create, and it’s why it’s such a popular hobby for people of all ages. Because of the intricate parts and electrical usage, most hobbyists are older. However, with supervision, this hobby can easily become a delightful opportunity to build memories alongside the trains, as older hobbyists can guide younger people through the process. In the meantime, merch for all ages reflects Japan’s unique love for locomotives!