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Disney and Pixar Madness

Recreate your favorite scene or show off your love for your most beloved Disney movie with a Tenyo Disney puzzle. You can find a Tenyo puzzle featuring any Disney or Pixar movie you can imagine. Every character is represented in the extensive selection we carry at Plaza Japan. From Mickey and Minnie to the regular gang of beloved characters from classic movies and new films, it's all here.

Works of Art at Plaza Japan

Japanese jigsaw puzzles tend to be exquisitely detailed and full of vivid colors. Tenyo's puzzles are no exception! Browse our wide array of Disney jigsaw puzzles at Plaza Japan today and pick out the puzzles you won’t be able to resist bragging about. The fun doesn’t stop there! We carry authentic Japanese products for any hobbyist or collector, from plastic models and figures to RC cars and model trains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore frequently asked questions about Tenyo puzzles and Japanese jigsaw puzzles before you get started with your collection.

How long does it take to put together a 500-piece Tenyo puzzle?

The length of time it takes to complete any puzzle depends on one’s skill level and experience. It could take a person anywhere from 2 hours to 7 hours, with the average solving time being around 4 hours. Different strategies can be used to help decrease time if desired.

What is the strategy for completing a jigsaw puzzle faster?

Strategies for faster jigsaw puzzle completion include using the top of the box as a visual reference, sorting pieces according to color or pattern, assembling the border first, and working a small section at a time. Different strategies work for different people, start with one, try all of them, and then develop your own!

Are Disney jigsaw puzzles for everyone?

Tenyo Disney puzzles can be assembled by Disney (and puzzle) lovers of all ages and skill levels! Just make sure you choose a Tenyo puzzle with a puzzle piece count that you know will challenge you, whether that’s 500-pieces, 1000-pieces, or a different puzzle piece count!

Are jigsaw puzzles good for the brain?

Besides being super fun and relaxing, jigsaw puzzles seriously work your brain. Puzzles activate both hemispheres of the brain, sparking your imagination, creativity, reasoning, memory, and problem-solving. All the more reason to get started with building a collection of jigsaw puzzles from Tenyo and all of your other favorite brands!