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Discover Japanese Whetstones and More

Ordering a new plastic model kit doesn’t mean having to live without the necessary Japanese tools to ensure they’re ready to display. From Japanese whetstones to needle files to diamond sharpeners, there are so many stellar products in our wide selection that will give you the support you need to see your product all the way through with as few obstacles as possible. Whether you love putting together miniature cities or you’re a fan of small ships and airplanes, we’re here to offer you modeling tools from Tsuboman that you need to enhance and enjoy your hobby. 

Ship Japan to Your Doorstep With Plaza Japan

Discover everything that Japan has to offer with Plaza Japan. From your first plastic model kit to the Japanese whetstone you need to sharpen tools, we offer a wide range of product types as well as fast shipping directly from Japan so that you get your favorite items as soon as possible. Are you ready to explore an entirely new world of toys, apparel, and beyond? If so, start your journey here with Plaza Japan, and reach out to us if you need any support!