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Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017 Tour


Good day to you all Plaza Japan customers and followers.

As some of you may probably know, we attended the 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show and we would like to share with you some of our thoughts and guide you through what has been an amazing experience for a lot of hobby fans.

We will start with Aoshima's booth which showcased a lot of new items soon to be released, including the new Action Figures from the "FunnyKnights" Series that a lot of Type-Moon & Fate franchise fans will surely appreciate. 

But let's talk more about the actual cars and plastic models that were showcased:

Here is Aoshima's Formula One Brabham BT52 1983 Monaco GP 1/20 scale plastic model kit

This is an arrow shaped formula machine from the marvelous designer Gordon Murray.

The ground effect car that had been generating an amazing downforce was forbidden in the previous year. After that, Gordon Murray and David North have designed this 1983 F1 Grand Prix machine named BT52.

BT52 was equipped with a 4-cylinder turbo engine M12 / 13 developed by BMW, boasting about 750 horsepower or more in qualifying and about 650 horsepower at the finals.

Nelson Piquet got his own second World Champion with this superb machine Brabham BT52.

Feature of this model includes,

- Reproduction of the BMW inline 4-cylinder turbo engine

- Engine cowl can be removed and see inside after completion

- Metal seal for rearview mirror

- Since 2 types of number are included, you can select and manufacture your favorite driver

- Reproduction of exhaust system and turbine periphery

- Comes with silk printing decal

*Detail up parts will also be released with this kit

Next up is Aoshima's Lamborghini Diablo GTR 1/24 scale plastic model kit

To join the Aoshima Super Car series, here is the "Diablo GTR". Only 30 cars were built for Lamborghini's one-make Supertrophy series.

New molding and functions:

- Reproduction of engine and suspension as finely as possible

- Door opening and closing function

- Colored tail lenses

- In-depth coverage from the actual car

- Includes window frame masking seal

Visiting Hasegawa's booth, we have also found the BMW 2002 tii 1/24 scale plastic model kit

The popular compact sports saloon of the 60s and 70s, BMW 02 series from Hasegawa.

BMW 2002 tii which was announced in 1971, comes with the Kugelfischer mechanical injection type engine.

The kit reproduces the early type with a round tail light.

Front grille, bumper, mirror, door knob, fuel cap comes in plated parts.

Parts color of the body is white, the wheel reproduces the optional aluminum wheel.

A metal inlet such as an emblem or a model number is attached.

Here are also some more pictures of Bandai's Figure-rise plastic models from the Dragon Ball Series.

We will try to update this post if possible, but for a more detailed tour, please check our video below!

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