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Catch This Mewtwo Plush

I see a Mewtwo stuffed animal in your future. Treat yourself to a plush of one of the most popular legendary Pokemons. Mewtwo is a psychic-type that was introduced in the very first video games, Pokemon Red and Green. This Pokemon was born after a Mew was subjected to horrible experiments. Due to this, Mewtwo is one of the meanest and most powerful Pokemon, striking fear into any Pokemon it battles.

Since being revealed back in 1996, Mewtwo has appeared in other games and the anime spin-offs. Show that you’re a worthy trainer by adding a Mewtwo plush to your vast Pokemon collection! Crafted using light and dark purple fabrics, this plush is highly detailed. All of the facial features are embroidered on, ensuring quality. The detailed eyes will intimidate anyone, as it stares down at you from a shelf or a desk.


  • 27 x 17 x 16 cm

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