Pokemon Center Original Plush Doll Sleeping Sylveon (Nymphia)

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Sleeping Sylveon Plush Doll

Since the inception of the Pokemon game series, players have been fascinated by the ever expanding evolution potential of Eevee. If the newly introduced fairy-type is your speed, you probably went with Sylveon. This takes a lot of love from a trainer, literally, as the Eevee’s affection level must be quite high to obtain the sought after Sylveon. The adorable sleeping Sylveon plush doll reflects this quite well, as your heart can’t help but melt at the sleeping Pokemon.

The lovely Sylveon and the fairy type itself were introduced in the groundbreaking Pokemon X and Y, just two of many firsts for that generation of the series. With Sylveon’s skill set and aesthetic, it’s a must have for trainers that want their team to really leave an impression, and now you can add it to your plush memorabilia today!


  • 24.5×42×43:cm

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