Medicom MAFEX 107 Spider-Man Figure (Miles Morales) (Into the Spider-Verse)

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The MAFEX Miles Morales figure belongs on the shelf of every Spider-Man fan in the universe – and in the Spider-Verse, obviously. Miles is the newest Spider-Man character to come out of the Marvel world. He’s been around since 2011 and he’s been making waves since his debut. If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, then you need to order this teenage superhero today. Fortunately, you can snag the Miles Morales action figure from MAFEX at Plaza Japan.

Meet Miles

Miles Morales is a Spider-Man for everyone. Bright, clever, dexterous, and diverse, he upholds the ideals of Spider-Man as a superhero and lets fans all over the world know that they have all the potential in the world to become Spider-Man themselves — well, in theory. There’s a dearth of genetically engineered spiders with bites that can impart superpowers. Regardless, Miles is a fresh breath of air in the franchise, which is one of many reasons you need to own the MAFEX Miles Morales figure.

Get It on the Action

The Miles Morales action figure from the MAFEX line of Medicom merchandise is something that you can play with. It’s not just for display, although you can definitely show off your new acquisition. Miles is fully articulated with ball joints at the knees, thighs, ankles, elbows, wrists, and upper arms. Pose him however you like to reveal his flexibility and skill. For a change of pace, you can dress him in a school jacket and his signature shorts.

Make the Spider-Verse complete with a MAFEX Miles Morales figure from Medicom.

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