Tomix 7147 JNR Electric Locomotive Type EF60-500 (Limited Express Color) (N scale)

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In 1963, 14 cars of the EF60-500 series appeared as a quote for the sleeper limited express train, and up to Unit 511, there was only one headlight.
Since the appearance of the EF65-500 type in 1965, it has been used in common with the 0th generation, and in later years the painting was changed to the same as the 0th generation.
- Reproduce the appearance of EF60 type 500th generation wearing limited express color
- The license plate comes with separate parts "EF60-502 / 504/505/511"
 - Printed head mark included "Sakura / Fuji (round)"
- The maker's plate is printed on the main body
- Reproduce the appearance with one headlight and front window with defroster
- The window on the side of the driver's cab reproduces the appearance of H rubber support
- The skirt reproduces the appearance with ventilation openings
- Separate light green parts have been installed inside the daylighting window on the side of the main unit.
- Roof monitor ・ The roof is reproduced in blue
- Tail light reproduces the inner fit type
- H rubber is reproduced in gray
- The front handrail (vertical) comes with separate parts
- The release lever is already equipped with separate parts
- Headlights are equipped with a constantly lit board
- Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED
- Powered with flywheel
- Black bogie frame, black wheels adopted
- M-13 motor adopted
- Uses wheels with a box core
- Dummy coupler and self-contained TN coupler included
- Mini curve driving is possible

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