Tomytec LA065 Military Series Little Armory FIM92 Stinger Type 1/12 Scale Kit

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A portable surface-to-air missile adopted by the US military in 1981, commonly known as the "Stinger".

Equipped with an identification friend or foe to prevent accidental fire, ensuring mobility and tracking ability as an omnidirectional shooting ability that can attack from other than behind the enemy aircraft. With its high hit rate, it has the ability to be published in the Guinness Book of Records (2011).

It was supplied to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan during the Cold War and was feared as a "hind killer" by the confronting Soviet troops.

This kit is not limited to reproducing the launcher alone, but is three-dimensionalized as a set of operational equipment.
Includes training equipment, thermal vision for night and bad weather, and IFF equipment.
Materials other than PS resin, such as clear parts, vinyl tubes for wiring, rubber bands, and water slide decals, are also used to improve reproducibility.

1/12 scale
Runner kit (achromatic color), made of resin (PS)
* Recommended use of adhesive for plastic models
* Figures and guns other than the product are not included.

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