Tomix 97932 Oigawa Railway Thomas the Tank Engine 9 Cars Set (N scale)


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The Thomas the Tank Engine runs annually between Kanaya and Senzu on the Oigawa Railway for a limited time.
Based on C11-227, it became Thomas, and mainly towed seven orange passenger cars.
There is a slope section on the line and an electric locomotive is connected to the rear.

- Reproduce the Thomas the Tank Engine operated on the Oigawa Railway
- Thomas, passenger car, electric locomotive full formation 9-car set
- Power unit mounted on Thomas and one passenger car
- Commercialization by integrating Tomix and the railway collection

[C11 type Thomas the Tank Engine]
- Thomas is a high-grade (HG) specification / fine scale model
- Equipped with a motor with a flywheel inside the boiler
- Headlight lighting type (front and back)
- Driving wheel reproduces perforated spokes
- The crew room window reproduces the open appearance-Skylight movable

Others <8602>
* Passing radius C280 or more

[Passenger car]
- Reproduce the 7 cars that became orange
- Side doors have separate parts installed
-OHA 47 is TR23 type only for No. 81, and other vehicles are equipped with TR47
- OHA 47-398 is a vehicle with a motor with a flywheel and a speed adjustment mechanism.
- OHA 47-398 and Suhafu 42-184 have windows that reproduce the silver color of the aluminum sash.
- SUHAFU 42-286 reproduces the appearance with a through door on the wife side on the toilet side
- The toilet side is lit for SUHAFU 42-286, and the conductor room side is lit for others.
- Tail light is equipped with a constantly lit board
- New current collection system adopted

[IBUKI 501]
- IBUKI 501 is newly produced under the railway collection brand.
- Deck / handrail integrated / trailer vehicle
- TOMIX Arnold SC coupler is already installed on the deck
- Movable pantograph and metal wheels for running are included
- Motorization of this vehicle is not supported.
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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Tomix 97932 Oigawa Railway Thomas the Tank Engine 9 Cars Set (N scale)
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