Tomix 98767 JR Series 201 Commuter Train (Chuo Line/Split Configuration) 6 Cars Set (N scale)

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The 201 series is a commuter train that appeared in 1979.
Armor chopper control was adopted for the first time by the Japanese National Railways.
The front design has been revamped from previous vehicles and black steel panels are used around the front windows as an accent.
Vehicles that were active on the Chuo Line were equipped with skirts and plug-in type indications, and an automatic uncoupling device was installed on the leading car that came to the middle to speed up splitting and merging.
In later years, the leading cars that came to both ends of the formation were replaced with an illuminated type indicator instead of the plug-in type indicator.
Vehicles entering west of Takao were replaced with a PS24 pantograph with a low folding height in order to pass through a tunnel with a small cross section.
The service on the Chuo Line was terminated in October 2010.

Consists of a powered car 
Working head and tail lights 
Equipped with flywheel drive
Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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