Tomix 98809 JR Series 583 (Kitaguni) 6 Cars Set (N scale)

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"Kitaguni" express train connecting Osaka and Niigata was the last regular train using the 583 series, and was made temporary in 2012 and abolished in 2013.
Some formations had KUHANE Type 583 in one of the leading cars until around 2010, but in later years all leading cars were KUHANE Type 581.

- High grade (HG) specification
- Reproduce the organization that incorporates KUHANE 581 and KUHANE 583 in the top car
-The floor under the MOHANE unit reproduces the late model
- KUHANE 581 / KUHANE 583 type cab side is equipped with a dummy coupler
- JR mark, [Kitaguni Express] logo, green car mark printed
- The limited express symbol mark reproduces the silver appearance
- Reproduce the appearance that the tip of the pantograph's current collecting shoe has become a pipe with two
- H rubber is reproduced in black
- The printed train mark is already equipped with [Kitaguni], and [Express] is included.
- ATS car upper child parts included
- The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
- Head/tail light, train mark is equipped with a constantly lit board
- Head and tail lights are lit by light bulb color LED
- The train mark lights up in a color close to white by adopting a color prism
- Adoption of power with flywheel
- New power collection system, black wheels
- M-13 motor adoption
- TN coupler with piping (SP) standard equipment
(Except for the head of KUHANE 581/583)
- Compatible with interior lighting kit Tomix 0733

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